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7 Rhodes Beef Co raises primarily Red and Black Angus cattle because we believe that the angus breed is still #1 one when it comes to great tasting beef. Everything we sell is owned by us, raised from birth by us, fed by us, and finished by us. Our cattle spend their entire lives within a 10 mile radius of our hometown of Dresden. The cows and calves spend their summers on pasture, and at 6 months of age our calves are weaned and brought to our home. There we care for them and feed them up to “feeder weight”, before making decisions on which females will be kept as part of the herd, and which cattle will be selected to be finished as 7 Rhodes Beef.


Beef calves are finished at our home and are given free choice hay and a dry corn ration for 150 days, because there are no shortcuts when it comes to great tasting, home-raised beef. The extended time on feed ensures great marbling, which translates into tender steak and flavorful roast and hamburger. Once you try 7 Rhodes Beef, you will never buy grocery store meat again.



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