About the Farm

7 Rhodes Beef Co. is located near Dresden, Kansas – right in the heart of cattle country. Ben and Kelsey are both second generation farmers who have spent their entire lives immersed in farming and ranching. The cattle business has always been our greatest passion.

Ben has worked for both of our families at various times in the past, gaining experience in both cow-calf and feedlot operations. Growing up, Ben knew that one way or another he would be involved in agriculture and bought his first 10 cows at age 18. After returning from college and starting a career in public accounting, Ben and Kelsey started expanding, eventually “retiring” from working in town to focus totally on the farm.



Today we have our own cow/calf operation and run just over 100 fall and spring pairs. We also grow crops including corn, milo, wheat, and alfalfa. Ben continues to pitch in whenever he can on his dad’s much larger cow/calf operation, and we hope to someday combine the two and be able to bring on some of our own kids as the third generation of farmers and ranchers.

For the past 15+ years we have done business in the usual way. We have raised our cattle and marketed our calves at the salebarn just like everyone else. They have disappeared into a big feedlot, went to a big packer, and then into retail. But not once in our lives have we ever bought retail beef for our family. We always had home grown beef in our freezer because we know something the average person doesn’t… home grown beef tastes better!

7 Rhodes Beef Co was formed because we believe every person should have the chance to buy home-grown, locally-sourced beef for their families. We are committed to providing you with the best we have so that you can discover what we’ve known all along and experience healthy, delicious, home grown beef.


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